2114 NE Multnomah St

Portland, OR 97232
We have found 3 residents at 2114 NE Multnomah St, Portland, OR 97232. In the zip code 97232 monthly rental for a studio unit is around $1,400, monthly rental for a one-bed unit is $1,500 and for two-bed unit is $1,730. We have found one domain registered at this address. Domain name is 8armsbakery.com.


Name Age Phone Number Details
Joan Marie Johnson N/A (503) 654-8294 Details
Jacob A Rosenblum N/A (503) 282-1380 Details
Pat Wilson N/A (503) 246-0089 Details

Domains Registered At This Address

Domain Owner Registrar Creation Date
8armsbakery.com Jacob Rosenblum GODADDY.COM, LLC 2008-01-23