131 Crosslake Park Dr

Mooresville, NC 28117
We have found 4 residents at 131 Crosslake Park Dr, Mooresville, NC 28117. In the zip code 28117 monthly rental for a studio unit is around $1,160, monthly rental for a one-bed unit is $1,180 and for two-bed unit is $1,350. Median home value in this area is $353,200. Median household income in this area is $78,026.


Name Age Phone Number Details
Christy S Allen 54 (704) 677-5888 Details
Fred M Allen JR N/A Details
Christy Schafer Allen 55 Details
Charles H Huntley 48 (704) 660-0304 Details

Also on Crosslake Park Dr, Mooresville

Street Address Owner Details
124 Crosslake Park Dr, Mooresville NA Details